My Mentor My Friend

Research tells us the power of caring adult mentors in the lives of younger children can be dramatic and far-reaching.

My Mentor My Friend

Greater Cleveland Volunteers
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Carol Hasek
Program Coordinator
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Fax: 216-391-9010
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My Mentor My Friend

My Mentor My Friend matches caring adults in a lunchtime mentoring program with students in underserved public elementary schools across the city of Cleveland.

Volunteer lunchtime mentors develop a relationship with one child throughout the school year that translates to improved attendance, academic attitude, social skills and self esteem for a child and a sense of fulfillment for a mentor. Matches generally begin at the 4th grade. Returning mentors and students are able to renew and grow their friendships each school year through 8th grade.

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Cleveland Connection Interview with Carol Hasek, Program Coordinator for My Mentor, My Friend



Greater Cleveland Volunteers
4415 Euclid Ave, Suite #200
Cleveland, OH 44103
tel: 216-391-9500
fax: 216-391-9010